Friday, May 23, 2003

Ready For the Big Dance-Baggy-Slims has an interesting put-down on American Idol, compairing it to college basketball's NIT. I disagree, for most pop stars get there on as much luck as talent. I remember hearing some local choir members in Lakeland sing on Easter Sunday and noted that they had professional quality voices; I've said the same of the vocalists at my sister's church in Midland. There are pleanty of people out there who can sing as well as your top 40 stars, but lack the luck, looks or connections needed to become a star. If you want to make a basketball analogy, Bobby, American Idol would be akin to a mid-major conference, with Ruben being Central Michigan or Gonzaga. If you had a National Crooners and Artists Association (NCAA) Big Dance, where would Ruben be seeded? A 13-seed? Are there 50 better singers out there? There are a lot of people that have better reputations, but might not be as good as some no-names. "Here we are at the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA South Regionals, where we had to scrounge to find a glass slipper big enough to fit Ruben." "Yes, he's a real Cinderella story, as the #13 seed from Birmingham has knocked off #4 seed Shania Twain and #5 seed Christine Aguillara in the regionals last weekend to advance here to face #1 U2 here in Tampa. They had the reputation, but he had the voice." "What are Ruben's chances to advance today?" "Well, Bono stuggled to get past Toby Keith in the second round, so he still hasn't found what he's looking for in a good, all-around perfomance, avoiding a very bloody Sunday as they edged out a win. The crowd is definately in Ruben's corner, as the fans of the singers in our other matchup will be rooting for an upset."

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