Monday, May 12, 2003

Post-Dinner Musings-The semester's in the books. I posted grades this afternoon, marking the end of my first acedemic year as a professor. I've got a couple of weeks of unstructured time before a trip to Richmond later in the month, and I need to make sure to prep more and blog less than I did on Christmas break. At graduation Saturday, I actually felt like I belonged as one of the Boyz in the Hoodz, as the professors get to wear their doctoral (or master's degree for some) robes and hoods for the ceremony. I have a weird flashback after dinner, as our dishwasher was getting full; my mind thought-"This is like Earl Weaver going up to Luciano; it's going to get run." On a more somber note, this might be the begining of something ugly in the Saudi entity or just a death spasm of al Qaeda; three apartment complexes of expatriot westerners were bombed today. If this is the begining of an anti-western campaign, it could mean a civil war may be brewing pitting hard-core Wahhabists against the royals. I think we've found the first recorded Fijian redneck in VJP Vijay Singh. Vijay, if you're paired with Annika, just outdrive her by 50 yards and beat her by 10 strokes, if you think she's that lame. Let's see how she plays from the men's tees; it she plays well, so be it. Or is he afraid of being beat by a girl?

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