Monday, May 19, 2003

Musings From the HEART-We were out of computer contact today; Eileen and I went on a field trip down to ECHO, a Christian agricultural research organization, down in Fort Myers. Since south Florida has a semi-tropical climate, it's a good area to field-test crops that could be useful in various developing countries with warn climates. One crop that was interesting was the moringa tree, which grows like Topsy and has very nutritious leaves. We went down with a contingent from HEART institute that's on Warner Southern's campus. It's a Peace Corps boot camp for missionaries, where they learn sustainable-tech agriculture and public health as well as cross-cultural communications. One of their staffers, Mac Renfro, goes to the Lakeland Vineyard; he's their appropriate tech guy who has low-tech ways to solve many high-tech problems, like a Third World McGuyver. A couple of gizmos that caught my eye. One was a outhouse vent that worked as a fly motel-they checked in, but they didn't check out. Another was a pump that used no electricity yet moved water up 20 times the drop-off of where it was flowing from. Mac and his wife Darryl are moving to Colorado next month to look after Mac's mom. We got a chance to hang out with them for one more time and meet lot of neat missionaries, including a Filipina nurse who's a missionary in Nepal. That's been one of the fringe benefits of having them at our church and our home group; they've been bringing a lot of interesting missionaries and missions-minded youngsters and oldsters that pass through HEART. Both they and all the people they send our way will be missed.

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