Thursday, May 15, 2003

Morning Musings-You can have some good fun with this poll showing that only a third of the American public can name someone runiing for the Democratic nomination. However, only about a third (or less) of the American public gets out to vote in the primaries and the key activists and political junkies do know who's running, including one Canadian uberpundit's mailbox page
It would be helpful if you could indicate your city or town or, at least, your state, province or country. Failing that, your continent or hemisphere will do. If you seriously think Howard Dean has a chance of becoming President, do let us know what planet you're on.
Seriously, nine months away from the nomination, Joe Sixpack will not have heard of John Kerry or Howard Dean, may vaguely remember Dick Gephardt and remember Joe Lieberman somewhat. The rest of the field will draw blank stares from the average American. However, that will change by Chrismastime as the campaign kicks into gear. Good news on the economic front-we had record deflation last month as the drop in oil prices kicked in. Now the Fed's going to be a deflation hawk-who'd a thunk it? Detroit held serve last night, going up 3-2 in their series. Maybe if the get to the conference finals, ABC will actually show one of their games. The focus tonight will turn out west, as the Lakers have a last-stand game against San Antonio. Can we hope the Spurs slap some competitiveness into the league.

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