Thursday, May 22, 2003

Morning Musings-My blogspot days are numbered, folks. I am looking to move over to Movable type and the question right now is where to host it. Jatol seems to be the host of choice and I might just put my miser to bed and pay $20 for MT to install the thing for me. Thanks to all of you who quickly repsonded to my E-mail on the subject. Don't be surprised to be directed to markbyron.com in the not-too-distant future. Bush has signed off on a tax-cut package. He got dividends to be given roughly equal treatment with capital gains for now, a 15% tax rate for richer folks and a 5% rate for the rest of us; that's not what he asked for, but it was what could squeak through the Senate. This might wind up reducing your electric bill, folks; more on that later. The UN signed off on a Iraq rebuilding plan this morning 14-0, largely acknowledging US/British rule there for now. The UN gets some power over the Oil-for-Food program for now, but Bush and Blair didn't have to give up as much as we'd have thought. It isn't good news for the UN-bashers, but it keeps a wholesale meltdown of international affairs from happening, which is worth throwing Kofi a bone. Christine Whitman's heading back to Joisey- she wasn't the best fit, as she had a more liberal view on environmental issues than the administration. I think that here selection back in 2001 was a bone thrown to the moderate wing of the party, putting a vocal pro-choicer in a position where sexual issues weren't on her plate. Time for her to go. I haven't seen any of the show, but it's good to see the chocolate loveball win American Idol. Ruben's not the sleek heartthrob that sells videos on looks, but the guy can sing. I have seen clips of him on the entertainment news shows I occasionally surf into; it's good to get a portly singer get a chance to make it big. Jason Steffens didn't care for his choice of Imagine for the final round. I'll agree with Jason; for an aspiring gospel singer, it is a bit universalist at best. Well, well. Annika birdied the 4th to go to -1, putting her 14th at the moment. Not bad for a girl.

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