Thursday, May 01, 2003

Morning Musings-Expect a bit more free ice cream as the Spring term is starting to come to a close; my Thursday and Friday classes are review sessions, so I don't have a lot of prepping to do. I'll have a lot of flextime during the summer, but I'll still be busy. I have two classes to teach in June and a mid-July-through-August MBA class as well. On top of that, Eileen and I have a couple of trips planned for the summer, heading to Michigan and Illinois in early July and to Richmond in late May. Speaking of the end of classes, I was remembering the last Friday of classes at CMU; they had a custom called Gentle Friday, where a fair atmosphere pervaided the old pre-WWII part of campus and "Live music, free food and merchandise, and various games are offered," as the CMU web site states. My memories go back two decades to the early 80s, but the tradition still is going on. The other CMU memory (more from the news than as a participant) was of the big megakegger that would happen in the "Student Ghetto" (as my Urban Politics prof called it) just north of campus where some big older homes are commonly converted into student housing. The Friday of Spring term finals week was the annual holding of the "End of the World" party where a five-block-square area turned into one big party. Shortly after I graduated (~1984) they had a overly rowdy version that had just about every cop and sheriff's deputy from a 30-mile radius of Mt. Pleasant helping calm down a riot and generating nearly 100 arrests; legend has it that they asked for National Guard help and were turned down.

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