Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Morning Musings-An estimated 10 Americans, 20 overall, were killed in yesterday's attacks in Riyadh. This might well be the catalyst for a full split between the Saudis and the US if they repeat the behavior of the Khobar coverup investigation. Many bloggers had fun with this, but Micro$oft said that the iLoo was a joke put out by their British subsidiary. No streaming media? No Star Trek aps?-"There's Klingons on the starboard bow-wipe 'em off, Jim." Ben points out this admission that WV Gov. Bob Wise has admitted to an affair with a state trade official. The wronged husband, Phillip Frye, is not pleased-
"I had private detectives all over this thing. I've got pictures and documents -- all kinds of hard evidence." Frye said he is going to withhold exact details of the allegations or a copy of his divorce filing for the time being, but said he placed much of the blame on Wise for failure of his almost seven-year marriage. "That little weasel-faced [person born out of wedlock]... Typical Democrat."
No, not quite typical. He's not the first Democratic governor to be doing the Wild Thang with the female staff, but not typical. Things are not looking good in Seminole-land. This ESPN piece points to football players getting paid for autographs and the Adrian McPherson gambling case might implicate a big chunk of the baseball team as well as QB coach Daryl Dickey. FSU has run a seemingly clean program, not having any probation in my memory; the quality control might not be there anymore.

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