Friday, May 30, 2003

Morning Musings-Could the G-8 go the way of the dodo as well as the UN and NATO? We'll see as Dubya makes a cameo appearance in Evian on his way to Jordan. This may well be a block that has outlived its usefullness. They don't agree on geopolitics. They don't agree on economics. You'll see a lot of "frank discussions" come out of future G-8s, but until the EU cures its recto-cranial inversion, the G-8 seems to be as useful as a screen door on a sub. Peter Sean Bradley points to this slam on the Libertarian Party platform. The party has had what could be charitably called a minimalist defence policy for decades; 9-11 shows such a defend-the-shores-and-let-the-world-fend-for-itself policy seriously short-sighted, driving small-l liberatians to the GOP. It's the paleolibertarians that tend to run the party and a Lew Rockwell party isn't going to sell overly well. Let's pray that the Greens don't implode quite as badly; they're thinking of backing the Democratif he is sufficiently leftist. However, since Dick Gephardt is insufficiently leftist in their eyes, it will be a good sign if they do back them, for such a nominee will be ready for a McGovernesque 'whuppin

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