Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Midday Musings-I'm not good at managing flextime; I managed to "waste" three hours this morning writing the tax piece and playing a game of NHL 98 (it's old but still good, and the Red Wings are now 11-0), only getting out to get my ears lowered and come onto campus a bit before noon. I may have to commit myself to something resembling a 9-5 (or 9-4) schedule in order to keep that slow-out-of-the-gate thing from becoming a habit. After getting here, I'm now grading the 5-point short answer portion of my Personal Finance class. This one got me chuckling; names were not mention to protect the clueless
Q-What details should you be aware of when choosing a bank account A-"Fees, minimum balances, that kind of thing" 3.5, that kinda grade
I'm in a charitable mood; that was a very lame C answer. Mr. Ruffini finds another case of trial lawyers getting their apolitical employees to max out for John Edwards. It's not the first time people have done this in political history, but getting busted twice in about a month (the earlier case was in Little Rock, the new one in LA) is starting to be a trend. I'm a bit slow to mention this one, but we had a SARS case in a Lakeland Highlands Middle School student. It was a bit spooky, since we drive past the middle school in question on our way to and (usually) from church most Sundays. It was even spookier for Dr. Shmidt, who has a son at Lakeland Highlands; he kept him home for two days when the story broke. The Pistons aren't in the mood to spot Philly a 3-1 lead. Good. The one downside is Chancey Gardner Billups, who sprained his ankle last night. He doesn't like to watch, but may have to do so for Game Two.

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