Thursday, May 01, 2003

Midday Musings-The British are probably a bit nervous to see that the latest autoboomer in front of Mike's Place in Tel Aviv was a British Muslim and that a second would-be autoboomer (the second recorded veteran suicide bomber (here's the first)-his belt didn't go off) was British Muslim as well. That makes the idea the Muslims in western countries are more civilized than the nasty Arab Street rather questionable I was looking to clean something in the bathroom the other day and Eileen had moved the Kaboom bathroom cleaner, promting me to do my Marvin the Martian "What happened to the 'kaboom?' There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering 'kaboom!'" Our veteran suicide bomber must of asked the same thing. The Democrats are at it again, filibustering Pricilla Owen's nomination. This should be a campaign issue next year, for the policy of the Senate Democrats seem to be to oppose any nominee that is significantly conservative, especially if they are nominated an appellate court position. In the past, nominees that had nothing wrong with them other than being ideologically representative of the president got nominated; if someone was pointedly ideological, it might be 70-30 or so. Now, any Bush appellate nominee seems to be fair game for a filibuster. That's something that needs to be brought to bear on all Senate races, especially those in "Red" states. He's got a fool for a client, but Al-Arian's lawyers had a fool for a client as well, until he fired them. This could turn out to be some bad theater a la Colin Ferguson. However, Al-Arian's imitation of a Hamas lawyer might be better than Howard Dean's imitation of Jean Chretien; he's launching a universal health care plan that puts all youth from 23 down on Medicaid and promises "public-private partnerships, vouchers and tax breaks." That's a good imitation, but you need a little extra Novocain to duplicate the nerve damage, the arrogance needs to be doubled and any recognition of free markets need to be stripped.

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