Monday, May 05, 2003

Midday Musings-After bashing fandom, I'll admit to being happy that Detroit got past Orlando yesterday, being one of the few teams to come back from a 3-1 deficit in an playoff series; only the new best-of-seven format saved them from being only the third #1 seed to be shown the door by an #8. The one thing that irked me is that none of the games were on broadcast TV; that was one of the few time's I regret giving up cable. I don't think the national media likes Detroit much; you don't have a marketable star and they're not in the BostWash media corridor. Another downside of not having cable is not having C-SPAN, thus I didn't get to see the first big Democratic debate. Both Patrick Ruffini and Ben Domenech have breakdowns. Kerry seems to be out-of-sorts, John Edwards might be more than a pretty-boy with lawyer money, and Lieberman seems to have more fire in the belly than expected. Will that hawkish stand play in Iowa? Enough to get close to a plurality in a crowded field, for 25% might win and Iowa assigns delegates on a district-by-district basis, IIRC. However, all of those guys will have an uphill fight to beat Dubya-71% approval ratings, a 53-40 win over a generic Democrat and ~60-35 wins over Lieberman, Kerry and Gephardt. The DLC needs to hunt down that generic Democrat. I'm suprised it took a year, but another round of heat's boiling around Australian Governor-General Peter Hollingworth; the Bostonesque sex abuse scandal that became public a year ago (Hollingsworth was seen to be less-than-diligent, sort of a low-grade Cardinal Law) is flairing up again and PM Howard may ask the Queen to remove him.

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