Friday, May 30, 2003

Jews and the GOP-Davie D (oh, thanks for the love-i-ly weather here in Richmond) points out this Newsweek piece on Jewish-Evangelical political cooperation. Don't get your hopes up too high, folks. One problem with bringing Jews into the Republican tent is that Jews are more theologically liberal as a group when compaired to Christians, for the two largest branches of American Judiasm, Conservative and Reformed, are comperable to Methodists and Unitarians respectively. While the Christian vote is about 45% moral conservative when you take evangelicals, conservative Catholics and mainliners together, the Jewish figure is closer to 25%. Even a lot of liberal Jews aren't fans of aggressive Zionism. More secular Jews could be won over with a economic-libertarian platform, but it will take a Jewish Great Awakening before Jews become majority Republican voters. That doesn't mean that the gains the Republicans are making aren't real; taking an extra 10% of a Democratic-leaning bloc is important. However, what we're seeing is the Jewish community starting to get past some stereotypes about conservatives and finding common ground. You can make moral common ground with the Orthodox and play to the old-school side of a Conservative Jew, but Reformed will be a real hard nut to crack.

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