Thursday, May 01, 2003

Green Mountain Girly-Boy-I don't think Howard Dean will get the Democratic nomination, but in May of 1971, most pundits didn't think George McGovern would get the Democratic nomination, either. However, if lightning does strike and Dean jimmies his way into the nomination, the quote that conservatives will ram down Dean's throat will be this gem-“We have to take a different approach (to diplomacy). We won’t always have the strongest military.” I looked at that issue a year ago; the EU isn't going to have the economy to support both the social spending they love and a big military and keep up with US growth rates. China and India would be the country most likely to do so, but that will be well after Gov. Dean has assumed ambient temperature, if ever. The only way I could see someone else becoming a greater military power is if we let them by severely cranking back our military spending, which may well be what Dean wants. The defeatist attitude of Dean is something that the Republicans can exploit; Democrats would have to run away from Dean or have the peacenik label attached to them.

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