Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Exam-Grading-Break Musings-Now for a quick trip around the web; "passive investment" seems to be what some of my students are doing with their tuition money. Nice Tacitus piece on the free trade deal with Singapore. Singapore is an authoritarian country that supported the war with Iraq; Chile is a functioning democracy that didn't. Who goes to the back of the line? Can you say "He's an SOB, but he's our SOB," boys and girls? Dick Cheney's reupping for a second term as VP. Go easy over at the cash bar, Condi fans; she might have a shot at either unseating Boxer or running in a special election to replace Davis, and get to be VP or even President in 2008. She's making the right noises about Cold War II; if she's not in elected office in 2005, I wouldn't be surprised to see her slide over to State and replace Powell, whose good cop routine has just about worn out its welcome. Kos, whom I've been underviewing for a while, has a good rundown of the Democratic hopeless hopefuls. One nit; Sharpton's your Gary Bauer, not Dennis the Menace (Orrin Hatch for Kucinich, maybe?). Via Christianity Today's blog, this Palm Beach post piece got me on edge with someone calling evangelizing Muslims "un-Christian." It might not be polite, but it is definately Christian; maybe not the liberal version that Mr. Gushee (I'm not making this up) likes, but Christian nonetheless. There's a bigger post here, but it'll have to wait for later. Another CT find has James Dobson in another anti-GOP snit for not being sufficiently pro-Santorum in the latest flap. For me, a mild defense of a less-than-stellar statement might be like the Supreme Court not reviewing a case; they might agree with the outcome, but it's not the case they want to go on the record for. The problem is that religious conservatives don't have any palatable place to go; the Buchananesque Constitution Party's not an improvement and the problems with the president don't warrant a protest vote.

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