Friday, May 02, 2003

Evening Musings-I saw a piece on the Inferfaith movement (The NCC with Muslim and Reform Jewish help) wanting to have the US out of Iraq and was tempted to give both barrels, but the MCJ, scorge of liberal Protestants, gives them a fisking for me, also trashing them for not understanding that the Catholics ain't gonna give up transubstantiation. Today was the last day of classes; finals are Monday and Tuesday. "What do I have have to do to get an A for the course?" Do well on the final. Duh. Other question I don't want to hear for at least eight months-"Is that going to be on the final?" However, we did have a nice dinner for the graduating business seniors this evening, getting to see the first half of the Detroit-Orlando game before the party petered out, ticking off Dr. Wiseman for enthusiasticly cheering for the Pistons as they turned on the jets in the first quarter; Detroit's hanging on to a 10 point lead as we go to press. This is interesting; al Qaeda was looking to have a 9-11 style plane-crashing at the US embasy in Karachi, except with a small private plane rather than a passanger jet. If that's the best they can do after we unleash a big can of whuppin' on Iraq, we're ahead of the game. The other interesting thing is Powell heading to Damascus, giving Bashir Assad the terms of Syria's double secret probation. That after getting a dig in with the Paleoeuropeans by getting a ICC-protection accord signed with the Albanians. And this is the good cop? Not bad. How about this for a claudometer-pinner-"Dems Mine Hollywood for Donations." Unfortunatly, it's not a fossil fuel.

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