Saturday, May 17, 2003

Early Entry Musings-Interesting list of players making themselves eligable for the draft; many of them seem to have no chance of playing in the NBA anytime soon. One that came quickly to mind are MSU's Erazem Lorbek, who didn't look NBA-ready this year. The one that's a tad disappointing is CMU's Chris Kaman. He has sufficient game to make it as a backup NBA center with a little time in the weight room, but I'd have loved to seen him play his senior year and get the Chippewas to make another run in the NCAA's. Of course, 'cuse fans would have liked to see Carmelo Anthony stick around for another three years, too. As a college professor, I'm in the job of preparing young people (or not-so-young people in our OM and MBA programs) to be successful in their chosen fields. In the case of an elite few, they're ready before their normal four-year stay is up. If a investment banking firm wanted to hire one particuarly bright sophmore to a million-dollar, multi-year deal, I'd tell her to go and take advantage of your blessings. Thus, I'm not against players going pro early if they have the talent. However, you've got some of the people who aren't ready to make that jump and are getting bad advice. The Lebron Jameses and Carmelo Anthonys will do just fine, it's the Erazem Lorbeks and Sani Ibrahims that I'm worried about, people that are leaving far too early for their level of talent.

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