Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Choose Life Isn't Just a License Plate-A severely mentally retarded woman was impregnated by some unknown person; Gov. Bush is looking to appoint a guardian for the fetus, which is causing the usual suspects on the left to achieve escape velocity. In this case, the mother is unable to express her intentions and the biological father is not in the picture. This would be a case where you don't have an easy "pro-choice" argument, for the woman isn't able to make a choice; the guardians will have to make the choice for her. For those of you on the fence on abortion, weighing the badness of ending of the unborn child's life against the pain and inconvenience of continuing the pregnancy to term, the carry-to-term side's a lot lower that normal. The pregnancy isn't disrupting this woman's career plans. Normally, rape would be a mitigating factor in favor of abortion, but any anguish from the woman about carrying the attacker's baby to term is minimal at best in this case. So, as strange as it may seem, this seems to be a good case to err on the side of life. The only good pro-abortion argument would be that the baby is likely to be a ward of the state and that an abortion would be cheaper, but that's a rather callous argument that few people would want to make. This is one that the abortion rights folks don't want to have discussed, for there is little downside in having the baby carried to term in this case. They don't want to think about giving the unborn child any consideration. However, a lot of people who mugwump on abortion might agree with the anti-abortion folks on this one, and like the partial-birth cases, this one may put the "pro-choice" camp in a bad light. I don't know how many of my readers are centrist on abortion, but I'd like some feedback on whether my argument holds any water with you.

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