Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Today was end-of-year-meeting day, as I had a MBA committee meeting, a Business School meeting and a Learning Resourse (a.k.a. Library) Committee meeting. Couple that with forgetting to set the alarm last night, and I just now sat down and did my morning devotional. I woke up to find my pocketbook lighter-the voters in Polk County passed a half-percent sales tax increase for school construction 59-41. Eileen and I were among the 41; I felt that property tax would have been a better route, but without a organized opposition, the measure passed. Give Tiger some more props; he scored points in the blogosphere for coming out for the Iraq war, he scores more with me by encouraging Annika Sorenstam's try at the PGA tour. There are some sports, like boxing or wrestling, where modesty and courtesy would make mixed competition morally difficult, but golf's not one of them. If her lack of length off the tee makes her non-competitive, she'll find out the hard way. This should lead to some interersting discussion down this way-Miami's heading for the ACC. Two more football-playing Big East teams (most likely including Syracuse) are likely to follow. That will mean two big things-Florida State no longer gets to win the ACC football title 80% of the time and a 12-team conference will mean a championship game. The question I'd wonder is how they'd divide the league into two conferences; the four North Carolina schools make a north-south split problematic, if Syracuse and Boston College are the other additions. I'd think that a Piedmont Division (Maryland, UVA, NC, NC State, Wake Forest, Duke) and a Tidewater Division (Miami, FSU, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Syracuse, BC) might be how things break down; if you don't like my division names, I'm open for suggestions. The autobooming art has moved to Chechnya, where a women blew herself up at a funeral, killing 10. It would have been more efficient to do it at the funeral home and save time with the corpses. It looks like a Saudi guy might be behind the latest round of Chechnyian bombings, which will make life more interesting for the Saudi entity. Things aren't looking good in Argentina, where a old-school Peronista, Nestor Kirchner, is leading a runoff race against former president Carlos Menem. Memem is thinking about conceding the vote in order to deny Kirchner a mandate; Menem outpolled him in the first round. Another era of statism down south.

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