Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Don't say that Presbyterians don't occasionally get something right-the Church of Scotland turned down 4-1 a proposal to merge with the Anglicans, Methodists and Reformed churches. How you square the theological circle on that one is beyond me, and beyond them, too. US and allied diplomats are leaving their targets embassies in the Saudi entity. This time, the Germans are bugging out with us, probably thinking that being against the Iraq war isn't enough to get a free pass, since the autoboomers went after Belgium's embassy in Casablanca. Being Western is enough reason for this bunch. Prince Bandar's gut is saying that "something big is going to happen here or in America," and I don't think he's had too many refried beans. It's not just the US that's back at Code Orange but the Big East as well, after terrorist from al Aycici struck targets in Miami, Syracuse and Boston. This from Big East commish Mike Tranghese-"At the end of the day, President Shalala is going to have to look at the issues we've talked about, have to look at financial obligations, have to look at integrity issues..." Financial obligations? Integrity? A Clintonite's going to start paying attention to those now, Mike?

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