Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Vast Left Wing Keiretsu-Religious Subsidiary?Whacking at the National Council of Churches is often too easy, but this WaTi piece on the financing of anti-war groups was interesting.
But TrueMajority.com, an Internet activism group founded during the summer by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, boasts of its fund-raising prowess. TrueMajority.com says it is bringing in substantial amounts of money thanks to high-profile newspaper ads. These started in November, when 150 members of its related nonprofit corporation, Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities Inc., ran a $40,000 antiwar ad in the New York Times. ... TrueMajority.com webmaster Andrew Greenblatt, who has free office space at the National Council of Churches headquarters in uptown Manhattan, says the site brings in several thousand dollars a month.
Hmmm. Here we have an outfit headed up by a couple of rich (and not overly religious, IIRC) hippies getting support from the "mainline" national church group. The NCC is ceasing to be a religious outfit and is quickly moving towards being just another liberal interest group. For those of you who are out of the theological loop, the NCC makes up the left half of the theological spectrum; few, if any, of the NCC members would be considered theologically conservative. What's theologically conservative? I'd take it to be taking the Bible at face value and emphasizing a personal faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Where there are theological divides in a stream of faith, it's the more liberal ones that are in the NCC. The left-leaning ELCA is in, while the more conservative Missouri and Wisconsin Synod Lutherans are out. The Southern Baptists are out while the more centrist American Baptists are in. The center-left Presbyterian Church USA is in while the conservative PCA is out. What these left-of-center denomination agree upon is a more permissive, more statist world view. A lean towards a social gospel approach leans them to the left. As the begin to take the Bible on an a-la-carte basis, it's more politics than theology that binds them. Time to start treating them as yet another liberal special interest group and stop treating them as if they speak for Protestants.

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