Wednesday, April 23, 2003

This Week in Blog History-Jean-Marie Le Pen surprised a lot of people by coming in second in the first round of the French Presidential elections. Le Pen didn't improve much on his 17.3% showing in the runoff. -"There's no room for bigots and anti-Semites in the Le Pen campaign. Those positions were filled years ago." My first stint of professorial advisor; getting Matt Rubush to take Greek. This fall, I can take Greek, as it's in the morning and my classes as a professor are all PM. Martin Roth started to show up on radar, asking me questions that lead to this Blogging FAQ. Prompted by Chris Burgwald, I had a good essay on the Armor of God. Jonah was plugging for a war with Iraq a year ago, but I felt that he was a bit over the top while agreeing with him.
Given the likelihood of his possesion of WMDs and the increasing likelihood that he or a allied terror group will use said weapons against us in the future, I think a very defendable case can be made that it is worth the carnage to get rid of Saddam, doing unto others before they do unto us. I don't think President Bush will take this personally and say in effect,"My name is Inigo Dubya. You shamed my father's name. Prepare to die." He simply has to make the case that a beligerant, nuke-packin' Saddam can not be allowed to stand.
AOL wrote off 54 billion (cue Carl Sagan "billions and billions") dollars worth of goodwill, prompting a discussion of the overratedness of synergy.

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