Sunday, April 27, 2003

Sports Musings-Crank up Ringo's No-No Song; Philly/Blogista pitcher Kevin Millwood pitched one this afternoon. That should improve the ERA and runners-per-inning ratios. I'm not a big draftnik, so I'm out of my league talking too many details about the NFL draft. As a expatriot Michigander, Houston's sixth round pick of Drew Henson is interesting. Henson's got a sweet deal with the Yankees for about $13 million, but with Henson well below the Mendoza line at AAA, one could smell buyout. If Henson's still having trouble hitting his weight by this fall.... The first two picks should pan out nicely. I'm not sure if Carson Palmer's going to pan out as a great QB for the Bengals, but I think he'll be a solid starter somewhere; he may have to go the route of Vinny Testeverde, who suffered with the old Bucs before getting refurbished by the old Browns et al. Charles Rodgers, from my alma mater of Michigan State and my dad's home town of Saginaw looks to be a keeper, a Randy Moss Jr. who's only substance abuse problem is water. There are a few interesting picks; Is Jacksonville is going to keep Byron Leftwich or do they plan to have him be Mark Brunell's understudy? If Jacksonville picks up a good-but-not-great veteran QB in the next month, look for Brunell to be nervous around June 1st's Capology Cut Day. Chicago got Rex Grossman to be an understudy to Slash; I can picture the Chicago fans after his first bad interception "Gross, man!". That might be a good long-term pick. Buffalo's pick of Willis McGahee is a flyer; four months ago, it looked like he'd have to cash in on a Lloyd's insurance policy he took out the day of the Fiesta Bowl, now his knee is back to where he might be a playa. If his knee comes all the way back, the Bills have the steal of the draft.

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