Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Searching For God-Down in this neck of the woods, the United Methodist Church is conducting a billboard campaign with the slogan "Search parties conducted weekly." The cynic in me was saying that if they're searching for their lost membership, they could find their former parishioners on Sunday morning at more evangelical churches, at the golf course or at home watching Bob Villa. However, let's get past the cheap shot and get to what they meant to say. On Sunday mornings, they're conducting a search for God. A search presumes that we don't know where the object is. It's not a matter of us finding God, for God is already here. The trick is for us to be available to be found by God; found to believe in Him and to be willing to do His bidding. What the church can do is get the person in a position to be open towards God. If it is a search party, it isn't to find God but to prepare the lost. I'm thinking about Coast Guard or Navy rescuers who will drop out of a helicopter to get the troubled mariners in the water ready to be winched up. God knows where we are, we just need to be God's tools to get people in a position where God can winch them up into His kingdom.

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