Friday, April 18, 2003

Political Musings-Ben links to a pair of interesting pieces-the first is to some polling on Barbara Boxer; she's only getting a 38 percent reelect figure versus a 43 likely-to-vote-against figure, but only Pete Wilson has the name recognition to beat her among people the Field Poll tested. That would be an unmitigated disaster for Republicans, as we'd revisit Wilson's anti-Latino reputation from Prop 187 and get a bad blend of Pat Buchanan and Olympia Snowe if elected. Ahh-nold is the first choice for Ben, but I'd hold off on the Vienna sausage and place an order for some Rice pilaf. Californians are used to being Condi-sending. The second is on the Lousiana governor's race and the perreinal fear of a fragmented Republican field resulting in a double-Democrat runoff. Outgoing governor Mike Foster's backing boy wonder Bobby Jindal; with six Republicans running, the fear is that they'll split the conservative vote. What tend to happen is that the candidate that starts to get ahead of the rest of the GOP candidates starts drawing support and a few of the candidates mired in the low single digits throw their support to the chosen one, who then nudges out Democrat #2 and gets into and often wins the runoff.

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