Monday, April 14, 2003

October, 2028: Kansas University Dedicates the Self Center-Roy Williams is heading to North Carolina; a press conference later this evening is to make it official. Baggy Slims reports that the natives in Lawrence are a bit restless. In the long run, I think this is a move that will help both schools. At 53, Williams is likely to be starting the downslope of his coaching career. He give the cache of a coach with character who can get to the Final Four. Had he taken the job just after Dean Smith retired, it would have been a no-win situation for him; it's hard to take over for a legend. Now there's enough time elapsed so that Williams can have his own program. If the rumors from The Rattler are true, Illinois coach Bill Self, a former KU assistant, is heading to Lawrence. At 39, he's 14 years younger than Williams and can have a two-decade run at the school. With roots in Oklahoma (OSU player, ORU and Tulsa coach) and recruiting connections in Big Ten territory, he's a good candidate to keep the Jayhawks going deep into the Big Dance each year. To update what I said two weeks ago, "Self and Crean seem to be class acts that would be worthy successors to Dean Smith Roy Williams and yet have the job be a distinctly upward move."

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