Thursday, April 03, 2003

Morning Musings-We're closing in on Baghdad, just in time to enjoy a Weekend at Saddam's-"Hussein would be the perfect despot, except for one small thing... he's dead.". "China Allows WHO Into Guangdong"-
"I'm asking you who's getting to look after the SARS cases?" "WHO's investigating." I don't know. Who's making the decision?" "Hu's making the decision. In fact Hu will meet with WHO early next week." "First, I don't know either of the guys, and second, that should be 'who will meet with whom'."
They're in conference on the tax cut plan and the president's package seems to be cut in half. The dividend tax exemption might be gone, but the accelerated rate reductions look like they'll stay in the tax cut package. Not as great for Wall Street, but since I don't earn any dividends, I'll take the rate reductions, thank you. I was about to jump out of my chair when I heard that the airlines were getting another $3 billion, but if this is the form it will take, I can live with it
The Senate proposal gives the airlines a tax holiday for the security fee from April 1 through Sept. 30, reimburses them for specific security measures, extends unemployment insurance for aviation workers and gives airports $375 million.
Other than the extended unemployment, that seems to be merely funding their mandates. It's now official. Matt Doherty got the axe at UNC. This is one of those "you're getting old" moments. When I saw the news of his hiring three years ago, I noted that he was younger than I was and had a lot of gray hair. Out-on-a-limb projection: Roy Williams is Option 1-if he turns them down, look at Illinois' Bill Self or Marquette's (and former MSU assistant) Tom Crean to get the job. There are other big names on that wish list, but a lot of them would either be bad fits or be lateral moves (why would Tubby leave Kentucky?), Self and Crean seem to be class acts that would be worthy successors to Dean Smith and yet have the job be a distinctly upward move.

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