Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Morning Musings-Was it Vince's financial troubles that doomed the Raptors this year? Air Canada just wrote a new chapter in it's history, Chapter 11; well, not quite, since they're filing for Chapter-11-like bankruptcy protection under Canadian law. Since Air Canada is the big airline in the Great White North, this is a much bigger story from our northern friends. They aren't shutting down, just getting some time to reorganize, often by getting creditors to trade bonds for stock and lessen the interest payment load. That picture of freed Private Lynch looks too much like a Army recruiting picture or a perky assistant in a JAG episode. I hope that she wasn't badly abused in her stay, but somehow I think the captors were in the "kill the men and 'enjoy' the women" mode, since all the other male missing troops were killed. In this day and age, Radio Free [fill in region] isn't enough, so the US is looking to start a "Middle East Television Network." If they can avoid making it too scrubbed-down like a lot of VOA stuff, it might be a competitor to al-Jazeera. On a comparable front, Tom Friedman is coming around to the idea that the Iraq war is destabilizing, but rephrases it as revolutionary. He's not fully sold on it, as he notes how the al-Jazeera viewers is "better misinformed than you think." However, he's got one foot on the steps of the "destability is not a bug but a feature" bus.

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