Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Morning Musings-Pym Fortuyn's assassin only got 18 years for the murder, as the judges opted not to give him life in prison. I think Mr. Van der Graaf would be lucky to get off with only a life sentence in the US. I might be reading too much into the results, but the Liberals win in Quebec points that province into the Anglosphere and not into the paleoeuropean sphere. I don't like the fact that it was the Liberals who won, but party leader and presumptive premier Jean Charest is an ex-Conservative (he was the party leader in the federal parliament after the Mulroney-Campbell meltdown) who joined forces with provincial Liberals to form a federalist common front; more Howard Baker than Jean Chretien. The WNBA might be heading into the dustbin as the NBA brass is giving the players until Friday to agree to a new labor deal or else shut down this summer's season. Not too many people will mourn it's passing. I did enjoy having it on during the summers as extra channel-grazing fodder; the games were more entertaining than the critics make them out to be. However, the business idea of the league made me queasy; a shortened summer schedule and being a effectively wholly-owned NBA subsidiary that gave the owners something to put in the arenas during the summer when there isn't any basketball or hockey and a lot of the concerts go to outdoor venues. It also gave the owners some chits to spend on feminist groups; the $12m subsidy might well pay for itself with a few more girls getting interested in basketball and making women's groups a bit less vocal at the next wife-beating or statutory rape charge of a power forward. I'd suggest that the women hoopsters might be better off with a winter-based schedule and independence. You can supplement the Independent Women's Basketball League with the league starting the Hoopsters restaurant chain, where the waitresses all wear basketball uniforms.

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