Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Morning Musings-If you followed the link on the previous item, you got a link to the best April Fools Day scam in literary history, George Plimpton's "The Curious Case of Sidd Finch" from the April 1, 1985 SI. Sidd was an English Buddhist monk who had a 160-MPH fastball that was in the Mets training camp 18 years ago, or so the story said. The first letters of the beginning paragraph from an acrostic of "Happy April Fools Day" The Iraqi Olympic Committee HQ was bombed-no war atrocity here. for Odai Hussein was in charge and had torture chambers in the joint. Former Iraqi athletes have documented the tortures that were given to underperforming athletes under Odai that sounded like something Caligula would have blanched at. Name's Bombed, James Bombed
Crackling over the British communication equipment come references to "Operation James" and its military targets, code-named "Goldfinger," "Blofeld" and "Connery."
No, no, no. Connery's the quintessential Bond, he's not one of the evil geniuses, unless you want to grill him over his Scottish nationalism More bad news on the SARS front. It seems to be hitting Toronto hard with 30 new cases reported yesterday and Hong Kong has quarentined an apartment complex with 200 cases. Bene Diction is the SARS Czar of the Blogosphere, check there for regular updates.

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