Saturday, April 05, 2003

Morning Musings-Greetings from Mouseland-I'm blogging from my parents' time-share in Kissimmee. Don't expect a lot of day time posting, we're off to the Magic Kingdom for the day. Weekend at Saddam's-the good guys are in downtown Baghdad with a sidetrip to Medina (the division HQ). It doesn't seem like he's been at it that long, but Sammy Sosa hit his 500th last night. And he did it for the baseball Florida Blogistas, who have been the no-hit wonders so far-great pitching but no offence. This is interesting-I heard this urban legend on Martin Savidge on Boortz's show Thursday morning. Still, the truth behind it still holds; our guys are a lot better than they get credit for, especially if you contrast them with the fragging, pot-smoking crew manning the foxholes in Vietnam.

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