Monday, April 07, 2003

The Money Primary-I haven't seen this piece elsewhere other than this AP report in the Lakeland Ledger, but Lieberman is getting skunked 2-1 in the Money Primary. Both Edwards and Kerry are up around $7m while Gephardt and Lieberman are down in the $3m range. Gephardt might do well with non-monetary union support and Lieberman will benefit from the free media of being Gore's VP and his centrist persona. However, they'll have to counter twice as many ads from the two outhouses Johns. The headliner in this piece was Bob Graham's $1m in the bank without campaigning. However, I think Graham's positioning as a hawkish critic of the military might not play well with the war going about as well as could have been expected. A messy win could have helped Graham, but I don't see him getting any traction

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