Monday, April 21, 2003

Midday Musings-Now I'm getting a notch more nervous about SARS. It seems to be spreading faster than people expected and the mayor of Beijing was shown the door as a result. The other scary thought is the mutation of SARS into a more virulent form that kills more than just the elderly. I had pooh-poohed the idea of this having a significant negative affect on the economy, but if it gets any bigger, it may do a number on international travel, especially to and from Asia, and on international trade. Check out this BBC headline on General Garner's arrival in Baghdad-"Interim 'leader' tours Baghdad." The headline writers felt the need to distance themselves from the concept that the US civilian administrater might be a leader. The article talks about Garner being a "facilitator not a ruler," which might lead credence to the quote in the title, but modern American management lingo, being a facilitator is to help your subordinants get their job done rather than micro-manage things. Here's a Fox piece that give the half-full take on Garner's arrival Here's another great quote from that BBC piece-
Groups representing the majority Shia Muslim population have already said they will not co-operate with a US administration and are boycotting talks led by Mr Garner.
Well, groups representing the majority female population of the United States have already said they will not co-operate with a US administration, yet our government moves along just fine.

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