Monday, April 07, 2003

Midday Musings-I'm not the first to blog on this, but Derb has a "modest proposal" on terminating Kim Jong Il with extreme prejudice. Or would that "with swift prejudice", given his title? His sophmoric yet learned musings on Lee Bum Suk are the icing on a well-thought out policy cake. Reuters needs a better editor-NPR is now a "news station" reporting on chemical weapons in Iraq. Network is more like it. At least if we have a combination of NPR and Reuters reporting on it, it can't be written-off as Foxesque warmongering. However, there isn't an international Clue Police to take Reuters in for being too stoopid to live. Every so often, servers hose a big player-Patrick Ruffini's MIA for the moment. However, those changes can prove positive, as in the case of John Adams' new digs.

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