Thursday, April 03, 2003

Midday Musings-The AOL news blurb (blogging from my laptop while I defrag my desktop) was titled "Going Downtown." The days of the Baathists seem to be numbered. I'm remembering the reconquest of Earth eposode of Bablyon 5; Dictator/President Clark committed suicide with the words "scorched earth" scralled on his desk. Let's hope that whoever's in charge doesn't do likewise. Interesting Google fun-a collegue wanted to know how to spell Daphne. She thought it ended in "ie," but I typed in "Daphne Shaggy" to see if the Scooby Doo redhead was spelled that way-bingo. Neil Boortz was praising Private Lynch on the way in for letting loose a can-o-whoopin' on the Iraqis before falling; a "Tonya Harding with class and a rifle," IIRC. It was meant as a complement.

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