Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Liberation Day-The war isn't over yet, but it's clearly garbage time. Other people have written well on today's events; John Adams has a nice piece here and Ben Domenech has a good run down of the events and their significance. I'm not sure if we'll celebrate April 9th as the day Baghdad got liberated. The Baathist regime was like shaved ice in the US military pop and we lost trace of the fragments this morning. We still have a lot of work to do; rooting out the last of the Baathists in Tikrit, tidying up the north in Mosul, hunting down the WMDs and begining the process of giving the Iraqis their government back. Even NPR had to struggle to give a bad spin to today, having to note that the Sunni parts of town didn't receive the troops as well as the Shiite parts of town or spending ten minutes interviewing a brother of a human shield. As Ben noted, "Anyone want to start tabulating a list of people who need to eat their serving of crow?" It's a long muthah, and the price of crow just went way up. However, today is not the day to gloat, it's a day to count our blessings. Baghdad fell without massive losses of civilians; the biggest peacenik complaints was that a couple of journalists got killed when snipers fired from the hotel they were in and the US shot back. No massive US casualties, moderate Iraqi military casualties and no WMD launched. Shock and Awe didn't work up to specs, but the mundane power of the US grunts made up for it. Thank you, Lord.

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