Saturday, April 19, 2003

Geopolitical Reflections-We might be in for some even tougher diplomatic struggles with the Iraq war all-but-over. One of the things that crossed my mind is this perverse thought: would the US have the chutzpah to effectively dissolve the UN? If the French and Russians insist on unacceptable conditions for releasing the sanctions, why not ignore the sanctions? Picture this scenario. President Bush goes on national TV
While the United Nations stated with good intentions, the present reality is sorely lacking It has a dysfunctional Security Council with French and Russian vetoes determined to protect despots and corrupt financial interest. The General Assembly has a majority of its votes made up of the diplomatic representatives of dictators and despots, creating the oxymorons of Iraq heading up a disarmament committee and Libya heading up a human rights committee. While the UN Charter contains noble goals, the reality is of a entity that restricts freedoms rather than encourages them. It does not represent the values that we as Americans hold dear. It has become a body undeserving of American finances and American respect Therefor, the United States is withdrawing from the UN effective immediately. We have revoked the diplomatic credentials of all UN staff; they have 72 hours to leave the country. The UN can restart itself in Geneva, but it will do so without US backing or US money. The United States will honor all other bilateral or multilateral treaties it has signed, but any future UN decisions will have no effect in the US unless separately approved by the United States.
The US and its allies will then start selling oil from Iraq, with the proceeds being deposited in countries outside the UN. The UN will have no good recourse. Do they seize US assets in UN countries? The US would then retaliate by seizing a like amount of assets of UN counties in the US. International trade and commerce would likely come to a halt between the UN block and the US block if the UN tried to place sanctions on the US and its allies. Given the scenario of two mutually-exclusive trading blocks, one outside the UN and one inside, would the French and Germans stick to their guns? We might be heading in that direction, for the French don’t seem to want to play nice.

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