Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Evil on Two Legs-When I heard about the capture of Abu Abbas come over the radio this morning and that his team had killed an American in a cruise-hijacking in 1985, a few old mental files came up. Achille Lauro-the name of the liner. Leon Klinghoffer-the elderly Jewish-American guy who was killed off; shot and dumped overboard. How the Italian government at the time screwed us by letting Abbas go after we had captured him and delivered him to them. When you kill off a old guy in a wheelchair just because he's of the wrong faith and no threat to you, that's just about as hard-core evil as it gets. This guy taping himself raping an 18-month-old comes close, but having a lack of respect for not just life, but for basic mercy for the old and infirm, makes Abbas a guy who doesn't deserve to walk away as the PLO would like him to.

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