Thursday, April 17, 2003

Dinnertime Musings-Sioux Falls' Bishop Robert Carlson bishop told Tom Daschle to stop refering to himself as Catholic-he's been out of communion for two decades after divorcing and remarrying, but his work for NARAL pulled the bishop's chatty ring. May he be the first of many; one blogger I read earlier today (I'll provide the link when I relocate it) called it the end of the Cuomoization of Catholic politics, where politicians can take their church teachings on an a-la-carte basis and not be called on the carpet for it. [Update 4/18 12:30PM-If it were any closer, the link would have bit me-It wasn't a blogger, but the Weekly Standard piece I'm ^%&^% linking to had the "Cuomoism." Sorry, J Bottoms. ] The Michigander in me wears a little black today-the Red Wings got the broom from the Mighty Ducks last night, losing 3-2. A hot goalie is what wins in the playoffs, and Jean-Sebastien Giguere was just that, standing on his head for four games. Reform-oriented politician Sergey Yushenkov got assasinated in metro Moscow today. When that happens in the Netherlands, it's front page news; in Russia, it's another day at the office; Yushenkov is the second member of his party assasinated in the last 12 months. Some good news from the EU summit that was listed under the fold-a number of NATO countries will be sending peace-keeping forces "that would operate outside the auspices of the Surrender Monkeys EU and Nato." It's interesting how a number of news organizations don't like to capitalize all-cap acronyms-the BBC does that a lot.

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