Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Damning With Loud Praise-Derb has an interesting article on evolution and people of faith, ending with this paragraph after giving a list of competent Christians
Life, however, often consists of making a choice between unsatisfactory alternatives. Invited to choose between having my kids educated, my car fixed, or my elderly relatives cared for by (a) people of character, spirit, and dedication who believe in pseudoscience, or (b) unionized, time-serving drudges who believe in real science, which would I choose? Invited to choose between a president who is (a) a patriotic family man of character and ability who believes the universe was created on a Friday afternoon in 4,004 B.C. with all biological species instantly represented, or (b) an amoral hedonist and philanderer who “loathes the military” but who believes in the evolution of species via natural selection across hundreds of millions of years, which would I choose? Are you kidding?
He doesn't want to read e-mails debating evolution, but he presents a false premise that creationists are scientific dunces. I'll present this post from February back when the Michael Dini (refused to give recommendations to creationists) story was in play as well as this post from Moira Breen, a secular blogger who pointed out that being a creationist doesn't bar someone from being a good scientist or even accepting the microevolution that creates mutant drug-resistant bacteria and viruses. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Derb, but do a little better homework on your science next time rather than just doing an A-to-Z acrostic of various academic endeavors.

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