Saturday, April 19, 2003

Born in America But Not an American?-That's what Anne Wilson would like to see; she's railing on the market for Mexican moms going across the border to give birth so Little One has US citizenship. I've got a big problem with that-such a plan will create a class of residents that aren't citizens even though they were born in the US. I remember hearing stories about Kuwait, where only people whose ancestors were Kuwaitis in the 1920s are eligible. That leaves children of newer immigrants without a country; they're officially citizens of their parent's (or grandparents if the family's been there two generations) home country but may have never been there. If you couple the Wilson plan (is that Pete or Anne or both?) with tighter naturalization requirements, you'll have a class of people born in the US who can't vote and aren't citizens. That's a recipe for disaster in the long run, worse that having a few middle-class Mexican kids with US citizenship. Comments, y'all?

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