Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Beachhead of the Iraqi Revival-Keep an eye on this issue; as the war starts to wind down, we'll see a lot of NGOs in to help out, including some evangelical ones. Not everyone's happy to see this, especially our friend Mr. Hooper (defiantly not from Sesame Street) from CAIR-"I think it's a colossally bad move to have a group whose leader says Islam is 'evil' follow in the wake of U.S. troops in Iraq[.]" Bad move for Islam since they don't want the competition. Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse outfit and the reliably un-PC Southern Baptists are looking to help out the Iraqis materially and spread the Gospel while there at it. If you can help someone when they need it the most, it may speak well of your faith. However, people are the most willing to look at changing their paradigms when their backs are to the wall, and such aid ministries do bare fruit. Mr. Hooper again-"They go after them when they’re most vulnerable and hope they can get them to leave their faith. It’s a very despicable practice.” Oh, and Islamic groups will give up their prison ministries and outreaches to the poor like the one in Tampa this weekend? Expect many liberals, as laid out in the Chrisitanity Today write-up, to oppose such evangelical efforts. The fans of multiculturalism don't want another culture rolled back by evangelical Christianity.

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