Tuesday, April 01, 2003

April Fools Jokes in the Blogosphere-The greatest spoof in the young history of the blogosphere is Bjorn Staerk's spoof of last year, turning his blog into a Marxist mouthpiece. He's got a first anaversary edition up today. The other classic from last year was The Register's story of AOL's takeover of a number of major blogs, including Instapundit and USS Clueless. Alan Henderson has a report earlier today of Geraldo going rogue in Iraq-"I have everything I need to cover the war: a laptop, a cell phone, a digital camera, and five months worth of granola bars. I won't have any problems getting around or keeping out of the Army's sight. A dark-haired guy with a mustache blends in quite well in these parts." Had this not been 4-1-03, I'd have almost bought that one.

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