Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Warner Southern's in the middle of an once-a-decade accreditation review; lots of paperwork and double-checking of faculty credentials, among other things. You know you've been dealing with accredation reviews too long when you look at the pop machine and think that SACS will want it upgraded since it has only one beverage with a terminal degree. They're toppling statues, dancing and looting; I thought Michigan State got beat in the quarterfinals. Oh, that's Baghdad, not East Lansing. This proved to be almost too easy and without much bloodshed on the US side and a minimum of civilian Iraqi damage. This Derb piece puts new meaning to American cockiness. I might want to put this Rich Harden on my fantasy team once he gets called up by the As-13 perfect innings for their AA farm club this year. Next Monday is Quebec's provincial election, and the PQ is hanging on by the skin of its teeth, loosing support to the Liberals and the Francophone free-market Action Démocratique party. A result that would lead to either a Liberal win or a Liberal-ADQ coalition would be a step away from paleoeuropean politics.

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