Friday, April 18, 2003

Afternoon Musings-One interesting cheap shot I saw in the op-ed section of the Winter Haven News Chief; a cartoon from Anne Tennaes (her Slate page-grab the 4/13/03 one from the drop-down)-Caption-The Iraqi info minister takes a new job as the Administration Economic Policy Spokesman. With left finger in air, he proclaims "A $726 billion tax cut will grow the economy and create jobs." No, that not what Baghdad Bob would say, 'cause that would be true; how much it would grow the economy would be an open question, but the direction isn't. If that were him, he's say "The tax cut will increase revenue and cause the infidel Democrats to lose 100 seats in the House in the next election." It's the first Friday after the US has taken Baghdad, and that means the immans are rousing the rabble into protesting for an Islamic state. Ain't gonna happen, gentlemen. However, look forward to plenty more Fridays like this; they have the freedom to want to be surpressed by Sharia without Saddam in charge. The Pope's encyclical on communion (thanks to Jesus Gil for the link) is ruffling some feathers. Gil points out a passage on Mary and the Eucharist that could easily lead to a theological food-fight; I'm holding my big spoon of mashed potatoes until I give the encyclical a better read-over.

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