Sunday, April 27, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Not much free ice cream this weekend-I've been recovering from the bug that got me Thursday. Weekends are slow blogging times; usually either early in the morning or when Eileen's either napping or talking with freinds and family on the phone. Yesterday, it was me who was napping, sleeping most of the day. This little factoid on the French passing diplomatic info onto the Iraqis is great news for the Gallo people, for that will give us one more reason to put Chirac and friends into maison du chien. {thanks to Eileen for the French correction-I had le chateau chein] Add this to the paybacks-are-a-she-dog column; leftist British MP George Galloway appears to have been on the Iraqi payroll and may be up on treason charges. He's got the name Galloway but the common sense of J. Fred Muggs. Our inspectors had some Sarindipity; we've finally found some chemical weapons; Blix's boys didn't have luck such working for them, I guess. I hope that shuts up the "there wern't any chemical weapons" crowd. Interesting that more than one person beat me to that pun, including a Chicago Hope episode title.

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