Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Afternoon Musings-It looks like the state is going to buy at least part of Cypress Gardens, saving the actual gardens part and scrapping the amusement park part; a few activists in the last few days were citing Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales as a model. I'll get to see Bok on Sunday; Eileen's joined the Lake Wales Chorale and is doing a sunrise service there. I am not looking forward to the 4:30AM alarm, but I have a much happier wife now that her singing talents have a outlet; she's used to being in some sort of choir and our church just has a praise band and not a full-fledged choir. Oh, yes, now we can take the sanctions off Iraq. That seems like a no-brainer, but will France pull some sort of snitty move to block the end of sanctions? I like this quote from the BBC piece
EU foreign ministers meet in Athens to try to work out a common position on the future of Iraq as the UK's Jack Straw urges anti-war countries like France and Germany to accept there is a new sheriff in town reality in the region.
So SARS is the Cold From Hades? It's been found to be a form of corona virus, the same type as the common cold. It's not too much like a standard cold virus, but at least they're now in the ballpark. The EU's meeting in Athens should have been a big happy-happy as the 10 new members were formally voted in. Instead, the Paleoeuropean and Neoeuropean blocs are sniping at each other over Iraq put a lid on the punch bowl. Mr. Carr snickers with glee over at Samizdata-"I hope that the paladins in Washington realise just what an opportunity they have here to screw the French royally. There are festering divisions here that are just begging to be exploited." Paybacks are a she-dog, ain't they?

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