Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Google Fun-"FARC gorilla columbia"-Sorry, the last great marxist gorilla was in Southeast Asia, the Viet Kong. Whoever hit the French with a clue stick, thank you very, very much. They're offering to get rid of (or at least suspend) trade sanctions on Iraq.
France led the opposition to the U.S.-led war against Iraq, along with Russia, Germany and China. But [French UN Ambassador] de La Sabliere said before the meeting that the Security Council "must take into account the new realities on the ground."
It's hard to say that with your mouth still full of crow, isn't it, Mr. Ambassador? Were the French looking at another can of diplomatic whuppin' heading its way and wanted to quit while they were behind? Mutant Ninja Virus-SARS looks to be a tougher [insert explative] than I thought, mutating like crazy. That makes creating a vaccine hard, since it presents a moving target for antibodies. It's killed off almost 100 in both Hong Kong and China proper and might be hard to contain. Canada has already had 14 people die; the Toronto-based outbreak has now led one cruiseline to bar Toronto-area customers as well as those from Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

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