Saturday, March 22, 2003

Told Ya So-Novemeber 7th-"... having a solid success in Iraq will shut up a lot of the Euroweenies and their allies around the world, will lower oil prices and give the world economy a boost of confidence. Right now, Tommy Franks can do more to boost our economy than Alan Greenspan can." Yesterday-
World oil prices fell steeply on Friday as traders absorbed news of the US-led sweep across Iraq. The slide in prices reflects the view on the trading floor that the war will end quickly and the US will win.... New York's benchmark light sweet crude dropped $1.21 to $26.91 a barrel, marking a slump from last month's peak of $39.99 to its lowest level this year.
I'm not sure if anything will shut up the Paleoeuropeans, but the rest seems to be holding true.

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