Friday, March 14, 2003

The Quiet Time-I've not been doing too much blogging as of late, partly due to a busy schedule and partly due to a lack of big news to blog about. In international affairs, the pending Iraq War has been about as talked over as it can be. The possible fallout in the UN and EU of French diplomats acting like a bunch of 14-year-old playing a Avalon Hill diplomacy game has been hacked into the ground. The idiotarians around the world have been properly fisked on the issue. It's time to get it on. Domestic politics is in the doldrums. The Democratic stalling of judicial nominees has simply moved from the Judiciary committee to the Senate floor. A partial-birth abortion bill finally passed the Senate (with Daschle and Leahy voting for it?), but the Republican senate hasn't covered the point spread of expectations. The Invisible Primary has entered the Long Summer phase of rounding up money and supporters, where there's a lot of activity but little news. Since it's March, the budget battles are on the back burner; we haven't seen much rhetoric on tax cuts or big deficits. Sports are in the doldrums. Pro basketball and hockey are in the long winter grind to the playoffs, baseball's off at spring training, leaving football's Hot Stove League the one thing to talk about. However, March Madness is just around the corner (or already here if you're at Warner Southern-they're talking about getting vans to go to the semis if WSC wins two more games; the Sweet 16 is today) which should liven things up; I should have two alma maters going to the dance, with Michigan State primed to get an at large bid and Central Michigan and Kent State the top two seeds in the MAC tourney. Theology is even in the doldrums. A lot of bloggers are cutting back for Lent. However, things will change in a hurry. Baseball starts its regular season in two weeks. Iraq will happen, as Karzai put it, in a few days. Tickets to the Big Dance get sent out Sunday evening. Politics will get more lively. Blog hope springs eternal.

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