Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Out of the Mouths of Babes-Here are two goodies from children. The first is from Louder Fenn's almost-four niece Theresa-
Mother took the sad approach by saying that the war was unfortunate and Americans might get killed by Iraqis. Or something like that; I got this story secondhand from my father. In any event, to the idea that Americans might be killed by Iraqis, Theresa responded: "We just have to kill them first."
Not overly diplomatic, but an appropriate responce to war. It was a classic Patton line that it's not the soldier's job to die for his country; his job is to get the enemy soldier to die for his. A Andrew Sullivan reader had another keeper
My daughter, who just turned seven in January, saw a picture of a women holding up a "No War" sign on the front page of our newspaper. She asked why the women was holding the sign. My wife told here that some people believe that you don't have to fight wars in order to solve the world's problems. My daughter's response? 'Then how do you get the bad guys?'"
Yes, how do you get the bad guys who don't respond to diplomacy? Send that girl to Tom Daschle's office on the double and have her 'splain things to the Senator.

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